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Handcrafted with soul. Built for you

By bridging technology with nature, we craft our bamboo bikes with an artisan’s passion, detailed attention and care in a 40-hours handmade process to bring you the best bicycles nature can give. Our bamboo bikes are the perfect match for people who appreciate the iconic inspiration that nature provides, as well as unique design, performance and sustainable mobility.

Our bikes’ characteristics

Bamboo has been gaining immense importance when it comes to sustainable products. We want to live in harmony with nature. It’s an instinctive thing. And when we see the frame of a bamboo bike, we immediately understand that we’re combining technology and nature.



Strong & Durable

Appealing & Unique Design

Natural Shock Absorber

Resistant to elements

Details of our bamboo bikes

Bamboo brings the strength, lightness, stiffness and dampens vibrations needed for a comfortable, responsive and unsurpassed quality ride. As bamboo stalks have distinct patterns and colors, every bamboo bike frame and city bike model is unique.

Handmade through a detailed and careful process, you can buy your bike frame and equip it with your preferred parts and accessories or get one of our city bike models.

To provide a more personal feeling, you can customize it with laser engraved quotes, names or logos.

Tiago Saavedra crafting a bamboo bike frame - bambu bicycles
Crafting bamboo bike frame with hemp fiber Tiago Saavedra

Our Partners and Clients

We present some of the partners and customers who support us and trust us in different ways. Let’s empower a more sustainable mobility!