Our purpose

We are a passionate bamboo bicycle company on a mission to inspire epic travels and unique experiences, empowering well-being and sustainable mobility.

Our journey

We are two siblings that always dreamed of working together on an inspiring project. But it never crossed our minds that this opportunity would happen while living and working in China in 2018.

There, we got dazzled with bamboo, its astonishing benefits and all the possibilities to build anything with this beautiful and sustainable material. When we first discovered bamboo bicycles, we became amazed by their unique appearance, beautiful design, light weight and comfort to ride. Instantly, we fell in love with the idea of crafting our own bamboo bikes and being the first bike builders of these wonderful bikes in our home country –  Portugal.

Inspired by the initiatives of INBAR to promote the economic, social and environmental benefits of these power plants, we decided to put our hands to work and bring to life our bamboo bike company.

Right after, we built our first prototype. Excited with the results, we challenged ourselves. We built three bamboo bicycles to ride the famous Camino de Santiago and had an unforgettable adventure, together with our younger brother in 2019.

Since then, we’ve been crafting and refining our products with heart and soul to bring you the best bamboo bicycles nature can give.

Our core roots

We love the idea of using bamboo to promote sustainable cycling and inspire people to live a green, low-carbon and clean-energy life. We believe in social responsibility and environmental stewardship. We believe in maximizing the positive impact of renewable resources. We believe in a world where everyone moves sustainably on our planet.

That’s why we are committed to 3 Sustainable Development Goals:

Bamboo fits perfectly with our 4 core values:

Connect people in love with bamboo and bicycles.

Combining our two passions, we want to gather a community surrounding a healthy lifestyle.

Provide sustainable, positive & epic experiences.

In every ride in the town or travel the world, we want to make people feel epic emotions, positive moments and sustainable rides.

Craft with heart & soul;

By bridging technology with nature, we craft every bamboo bike with an artisan’s passion, detailed attention and care. Everything made to last with handpicked materials and our own hands.

Create uniqueness & originality

Nature only makes originals. As every person is unique, we bring original & custom products complemented with different bamboo patterns and natural colors.

Our passionate team

Our press highlights

During our journey, we’ve been highlighted on many press platforms. Reach out to us if you want to know more.

Our awards & recognitions